Today was a Good Day

Posted on: October 26th, 2013 by Jon Berger No Comments

Today (or, for those of you who are either sticklers or have gone asleep: yesterday), something incredibly special happened.

John S. Hall performed – and I got to see it with Hamell on Trial.

three baldies

John S. Hall, co-leader of King Missile, absolute leader of King Missile III, and poet extordinaire, does not perform often. Maybe because he’s too good for us, or maybe because he’s busy. I don’t ask about the specifics, but I know a good thing when it happens, and when Ray Brown shared his 9pm slot at the Sidewalk cafe with John S. Hall, I knew that THAT was a good thing.

And I was right.  And it was good. John S. Hall, author of such works as Martin Scorsese, Detachable Penis and The Miracle of Childbirth, did none of those things, did very little I was familiar with, but reaffirmed my faith in East Village art.

You know who else reaffirms my faith in East Village art? Ed Hamell, who performs as the singular sensation of Hamell on Trial. He’s got more albums than you can shake a fist at (though maybe two fists would work), including Ed’s Not Dead, Hamell Comes Alive and The Chord is Mightier Than the Sword (and also some titles that are a bit shorter). He’s grand.

And he was there. They are both huge inspirations to me, the specific artists I most seek to emulate. I was honored that they both spoke to me that night, and was amazed that they took a picture with me.

It’s here.


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