Sunday? Funday!

Posted on: November 10th, 2014 by Jon Berger No Comments

Before the Lesbians came, Ariah Noetzel played a solo set to what seemed to be yet another set of rude Frenchfolk (Have the French been coming to the East Village in greater numbers lately, or is it just the Sidewalk they’re visiting. What happened? Why?).

As mentioned above, Noetzel played alone, though future gigs promise to be with members of her expanding band. She is going to be, for the time being, a regular part of Sunday evenings at the Sidewalk.

But after Noetzel was the lesbians. Last week began the UHaul Sunday series, which, while geared to be an LGBTQ, seemed to start off all about the L. Beginning with a Speed Dating aspect that quickly became a general mixer, then a couple of punk rock bands with tables removed for maximum danceyness, it was the continuation of a highly anticipated new activity for your Sunday nights. 

Gay as hell, and well worth experiencing over and over again.

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