Summer AntiFolk Festival: Night 8

Posted on: August 16th, 2014 by Jon Berger No Comments

So many acts did stellar acts last night at the Sidewalk Cafe. Turner Cody, a turn-of-the-century AntiFolker, played with mustache, boater, electric guitar and a lot more nervy energy than I can recall.

Sam Barron quietly played through some of his excellent material. Joe Yoga sought out heckles and played through ably.

Lorraine Leckie brought her Demons to back her through a continuation of her Friday residency series.

Timothy Dark explained how these were The Last Days of Dark, while still explaining that he (Dark) had returned (including an incredible chorus of  “Comma, the!”). Pulling out any number of theatrical moments, Dark enthralled with his rock and rap act, before declaring he was going to disappear for a while to record his next album.

Trachtenburgs and fowl-talking folk followed. It was a night for the books – or, at least, blogs.

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