Summer AntiFolk Festival – Night 5.

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The names were off all night long at the Sidewalk Cafe.

Lenna Pierce normally hits the stage as Meaner Pencil, but decided to be herself for the evening. 

Ariah Noetzel made her Festival debut, but performed with subtle accompaniment from a couple of guys, so it was really, like, the Ariah Trio or something.

Jonathan Berger was introduced, but kept referring to he and his backup band as JUANBURGUESA, thus avoiding the solo identity that had been promoted for the bill. With song titles like “Dance, Jon Berger, Dance” and “The Ballad of Jon Berger,” it was hard to forget who was  the self-proclaimed star of the show.

Sam James used to be known as Sam Grossman. Apparently, he thought better of it.

The nomme de plume presents Miss Represent, but more and more people seem to know her as Margot.

Only Deep Sound Diver stayed true to the game, maintaining the name that Spencer Chakedis had for his project fifteen plus years ago, when he quit his regular job at the hapless suggestion of Joie Blaney to become a musician. He’s been recording and performing ever since, usually with his band of Divers. 

Kirk Kelly, the host of the evening, and the longest-running AntiFolker in the state, also kept true to his identity. Unless Kirk isn’t his  real name… Huh.

Whatever their names, most of the acts were pretty good.

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