Poppin’ Cherries an’ Laughin’ ’bout it!

Posted on: October 22nd, 2013 by Jon Berger No Comments

What’re you doing Wednesday night?

There’s a new event in town at the Sidewalk, and that’s Soce’s First-Timer Stand-Up Show.

Nothing compares to watching someone perform stand-up for the first time. It’s an amazing, wonderful, terrifying life-changing event. These people are putting it all on the line just to prove that they can come out the other end, still kicking. Come out to see the warmest, most uplifting show out there.

Soce has been performing his comedic hip hop at The Sidewalk Cafe since 2003, and he’s excited to host this magnificent event. He has co-hosted a music documentary with Prince Paul, been interviewed on Howard Stern’s Howard 100 News, won a gay hip hop competition on Eminem’s Sirius Shade 45 satellite radio station and toured Germany, London and LA. In addition to keeping things moving with his own adorable jokes, he will also perform improvised freestyles based on audience suggestions during the show. Additionally, professional comedian Jiwon Lee will close things out.

(that’s not Jiwon)

If you’re interested in being part of the first-timer community, or possibly being a contributor in the future, you can find out more through our friends at Facebook – or our enemies at Youtube (though it’s dated; making no reference to the Sidewalk. Fools!).

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