Yoga is Hot!

Posted on: October 16th, 2014 by Jon Berger No Comments

In the midst of LachFest is the delayed CD release of Joe Yoga’s 30 Love.

It’s time. The album has been available digitally for a little bit, but only now does Yoga have the wherewithal to actually create physical copy for his 20th century audience to appreciate.

Please note, though: This is not Coach. It is not Downward Dogs. This is not Rooster or Kill the Band or any other project that Mssr. Yoga is involved in. This is just him and a guitar – unless he’s in a new band that we don’t know about.


Posted on: October 14th, 2014 by Jon Berger

The second night of LachFest – in the Week of the Lach – on Wednesday, October 15, features some special acts – included a super secret guest – doing special shows, but the pieces de resistances (is that French? Could someone who knows Fresh validate that?) will be the Tribute section, where artists will devote themselves to playing songs written and performed originally, by Lach.

This isn’t unlike the I Heart You features that Ben Krieger had sporadically done, but this particular event will all be in tribute of one man, one Lach.

Afterwards will be the Folk Brothers, the original duo of AntiFolk All-Stars who bonded together to supergroup their way to fame and fortune (any day now).

The Folk Brothers were Kirk Kelly and Lach, doing some adrenaline-fueled covers, selected originals from their individual sets, and a couple of songs composed for the combo. It seems like it was the formation of the Folk Bros. that seemed to cement some of the concepts of AntiFolk. Their gig will be the first in this decade, at least.

Involved in the Tribute are acts as diverse as Jim Flynn, Bob Black and Tommy Volume. More, too, but those are the diverse ones.

He Heard Every One of Us

Posted on: October 13th, 2014 by Jon Berger

So it begins… LachFest – the Week of the Lach – begins with Lach bringing the AntiHoot back to the Sidewalk Cafe, where it resided for fifteen years from the early nineties on.

Lach, the singularly named original booker at Sidewalk, is returning from his vacation home in Edinburgh for three – count ‘em: THREE – Sidewalk-related events. Later, he’ll be feted at a tribute night, play as part of his duo AntiFolk project with Kirk Kelly, the Folk Brothers, and do a solo show before the startled masses. But first, Monday October 13, he’ll be hosting the open mic at the club he helped make famous.

No doubt some of his age-worn riffs and running gags will make new appearances, and a whole new generation of the antifolk will be able to appreciate one of the original pillars of everything that went on.

This will be a most excellent experience, a homecoming for many, and a fresh dip into the annals of history for others. It is advised.

So’s the rest of LachFest, but at this one, you get to play.

The Open Stage Forever!

Posted on: October 11th, 2014 by Jon Berger

This is a really stupid article. I don’t think it’s been very well thought out, seems to contradict itself and much of the experience I’ve had in New York City.

Forget it; you probably shouldn’t even read it.


Posted on: October 9th, 2014 by Jon Berger

Mimi Oz and Friends continues its monthly progress tonight at the Sidewalk Cafe.

The guests are the old (past fifty) Ray Brown and the young (it’s impolite to say) Ariah Noetzel. Of course, Mimi Oz will be there, though it’s unclear if her rocking ensemble, Rooster will make an appearance.

Why wouldn’t you be there to find out?

The Open Stage…

Posted on: October 7th, 2014 by Jon Berger

“Ben Krieger has betrayed us!”

That was the cry heard from many a mouth as word spread that Krieger would be absent from this week’s Open Stage. In his stead, soundman Peter Ingles would be running the boards and hosting the event.

Ingles, who performs as rapper Inglewood in the hip hop duo Scab Gods, and drummer for a series of AntiFolk acts, has subbed for hosts when running to the bathroom or getting dinner at the Open Stage, but has never taken charge of the event from start to finish. Some were worried.

“It’s the end of the world!” at least one person hissed.

It wasn’t, of course. Through the introduction, Ingles described the workings of the night with great fidelity, thinking well on his feet and interacting ably with the audience. The line moved quickly and everyone got a number.

While the night didn’t last as long as it normally would, a wide variety of characters played, both old and new. A surprising number of blondes were in the audience. There may be no correlation to Ingles hosting work, but it’s worth noting anyway.


Posted on: October 4th, 2014 by Jon Berger

LachFest is coming. That annual celebration of all things Lach, the original musical manager at the Sidewalk Cafe and longtime host of the AntiHootenanny at the Fort (at the Sidewalk Cafe).

Lach will be hosting the open stage on Monday, October 13 (Columbus Day), so it’ll be that aforementioned AntiHoot brought back to NYC.

Lach will be tributed on Wednesday, October 15 when locals will do covers of his material, and probably sing his praises just a little bit.

Lach will also play an honest-to-goodness gig at LachStock, on Saturday, October 18 – where, before he hits the stage, dozens and dozens of his AntiFolk brethren will sing a song, dance a gig, speak well of Lach himself.

It’s all gonna be a blast, or, perhaps more likely, a Blang!

Like John

Posted on: October 2nd, 2014 by Jon Berger

There’s this guy who used to perform at the Sidewalk and has been a little bit more lately, and he’s got this blog, where he writes poems, but not under his name. Rather, he writes poems by This Fuckin’ Guy.

You should read at least one.

Graceful Exit

Posted on: September 30th, 2014 by Jon Berger

Grace was very glad to be at the Open Stage.

“I’ll definitely be back,” she said, smiling ear to ear. She had come down for the Climate Change thingamabob, and knew people who were hitting the Sidewalk, so she joined them, and started filming a variety of acts as she saw them.

“There’s just so much amazing talent here,” she said, “People doing their own thing, speaking truth – their own personal truth. It’s just beautiful. I think you’re beautiful. I love you all.”

She hugged and departed.

It was nice to see someone so enthusiastic – and not a performer. I hope she comes back.

Kenny D!

Posted on: September 28th, 2014 by Jon Berger

Kenny Davidsen, from AntiFolk 1999, has been in Las Vegas for a few years now. What’s he been doing? You can read all about it here:

Back in the day, he recorded his first album, 88 Broken Strings, as a live recording at the Sidewalk. There’s no mention of it on the site., but the album that is referred to was produced by another AF alumn, Brian Wurschum, of the Voyces. It all comes together, when you dig deep into the history of AntiFolk…