Melody to Memory

Posted on: August 20th, 2014 by Jon Berger No Comments

Jonathan Berger continued with his Tuesday night residency – this ┬átime with more lackluster performance than the previous week. With no band to back him up, he did the sort of thing he frequently does, reading hyperkinetic poetry before a stunned silent audience. It’s not a bad act he does, just something that required the right input of energy for the right occasion.

Before him were two piano playing acts: Paul Wexler played with his band, Wexwax, and before that Steve Espinola trashed his set list, and did a set entirely on the fly. Just like usual.

After Berger was Neesa Sunar, who played one whole song on guitar and then read a series of poems and vignettes from her upcoming memoir. From melody to memory, all in the course of afour hours of performance.

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