Posted on: October 4th, 2014 by Jon Berger No Comments

LachFest is coming. That annual celebration of all things Lach, the original musical manager at the Sidewalk Cafe and longtime host of the AntiHootenanny at the Fort (at the Sidewalk Cafe).

Lach will be hosting the open stage on Monday, October 13 (Columbus Day), so it’ll be that aforementioned AntiHoot brought back to NYC.

Lach will be tributed on Wednesday, October 15 when locals will do covers of his material, and probably sing his praises just a little bit.

Lach will also play an honest-to-goodness gig at LachStock, on Saturday, October 18 – where, before he hits the stage, dozens and dozens of his AntiFolk brethren will sing a song, dance a gig, speak well of Lach himself.

It’s all gonna be a blast, or, perhaps more likely, a Blang!

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