He Heard Every One of Us

Posted on: October 13th, 2014 by Jon Berger No Comments

So it begins… LachFest – the Week of the Lach – begins with Lach bringing the AntiHoot back to the Sidewalk Cafe, where it resided for fifteen years from the early nineties on.

Lach, the singularly named original booker at Sidewalk, is returning from his vacation home in Edinburgh for three – count ‘em: THREE – Sidewalk-related events. Later, he’ll be feted at a tribute night, play as part of his duo AntiFolk project with Kirk Kelly, the Folk Brothers, and do a solo show before the startled masses. But first, Monday October 13, he’ll be hosting the open mic at the club he helped make famous.

No doubt some of his age-worn riffs and running gags will make new appearances, and a whole new generation of the antifolk will be able to appreciate one of the original pillars of everything that went on.

This will be a most excellent experience, a homecoming for many, and a fresh dip into the annals of history for others. It is advised.

So’s the rest of LachFest, but at this one, you get to play.

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