Gushing About Gene

Posted on: November 5th, 2014 by Jon Berger No Comments

One of the first acts I loved at the Sidewalk Cafe was Gene and Mimi, and husband and wife duo. He wrote the songs; she sang them with a power and personality that was simply amazing.

He was Gene Morris, and he was a pretty good singer, too, with a lot of humor and range in his vocals, as well. Gene and Mimi put out a couple of CDs in the 90s, then started breeding, releasing a couple of other things. While Mimi continued performing in a cabaret direction, Gene retired from music. Until now.

He’s back, as one quarter of Gusher, which features a man called Mr. Shy.

They all write material, they all sing together. I don’t know if the material will be as strong as the amazing work Gene and Mimi produced in the day, but Gusher has a pedigree that makes it very much worth experiencing.

Check it out!

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