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Posted on: November 2nd, 2013 by Jon Berger No Comments

Guest write Evelyn Chapman witnessed Thursday Night (Halloween) at the Sidewalk, and simply had to write about it. What did she have to write, you ask? If you’re so curious, why don’t you just read it?

It was a strange Halloween here at Sidewalk Café, although I’m sure any night that starts with Bob Black on stage in his mother’s dress and lipstick is going to be memorable.

This was part of the I Heart Boo; covers of Sidewalk artists performed by Sidewalk artists. It’s a beautiful thing to see the respect these artists have for their AntiFolk community, especially for somebody new to the scene like me.

I wish I could say Satan came along for comedic relief but he brought truth too raw to feel all cozy about, and after his ranting, raving, and the entire audience getting a good look at his penis, The Dick Jokes started their set to lighten the mood. Satan came out between each set to make sure we were all good and uncomfortable.

Trumpet Grrrl played some happy-go-lucky songs, definitely a more radio-worthy selection than what preceded – especially the way she performed them.

Phoebe Novak played a tragically beautiful set. It’s still hard to explain how someone’s music can make you cry, turn you on, and give you hope all at the same time, but I guess that explains why she was covered three times earlier that night (by Bob Black, who sang in character, as well as Mimi Oz and Joe Yoga).

Jesse “Cannonball” Statman was angst, humor, blinding talent and shocking red hair all zipped up in an American Flag costume.

Soul Candy climbed on stage as Scooby Doo and the gang, and stayed in character throughout the show – the only “cute” thing about their set. It was wild, soul-wrenching and completely summed up when vocalist Rebecca Florence, a down and dirty Amy Winehouse meets Blondie meets Daphne, fell to the ground writhing and wailing into her microphone. We had already seen Satan’s penis, but this was some sort of rock-and-roll soul-porn passion thing.

Halloween night ended pretty much as expected; sitting in the back of a bar listening to the noise of Yossarian Feedboo with Satan. If you were out trick-or-treating, you missed out on the greatest trick of all.

picture by Christie McMenamin, if you care about that sort of thing

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