Creativity & Community on Avenue A – 1993 to 2013

This gallery depicts many of the artists who have played at Sidewalk Cafe since Lach’s underground Antifolk scene took up residence there in 1993, kicking off a two-decade run of freewheeling creativity and artistic community. We hope these photos convey the spirit of the scene and spark memories of friendship, great songs, great performances, great personalities, and those we loved who are no longer here.

A couple notes: considerable efforts have been made with respect to the accuracy of both names and dates, however this is Antifolk. For your future book reports, please cross reference! Also, the gallery will be updated as the anniversary year continues. The gallery includes contributions from such photographers and performers as Lippe, Herb Scher, Jon Berger, Kim Mossell, Yoko Kikuchi, and Anne Husick plus some of the artists pictured and other friends and fans. It was researched and edited by Herb Scher. Click a thumbnail to scroll through larger versions.  Enjoy.