Monday Open Mic

The SideWalk Open Stage is widely regarded as New York’s biggest and most well known, if not longest-running, open mic. Among the successful and visible performers and groups who have emerged from the SideWalk scene are artists like Regina Spektor, Moldy Peaches (Adam Green and Kimya Dawson), Jeffrey Lewis, Nellie McKay, Langhorne Slim, Nicole Atkins, and Darwin Deez. Many such SideWalk alumni maintain their connection to the club, and it is not unusual for them to stop in to try new material, attend friends’ performances, or to just hang out.

Everyone welcome, everyone performs.
Sign-up at 7:30pm.
Performances begin at 8pm.

Sidewalk provides:
1 upright piano
3 microphones
2 direct inputs for instruments
CD and iPod-playing capabilities


  • We go until everyone has played (often well past midnight).
  • Performers are welcome to do anything onstage: music, comedy, poetry, dance, meditate, etc. It is your time!
  • Performers play two songs or 8 minutes, which ever comes first.
  • There is a One Song Wonder Round during the night where, for 1 hour, everyone plays 1 song/4-minutes so that we can move things along.
  • At sign-up, everyone draws random numbers. Showing up before 7pm is not necessarily.
  • Showing up late is not recommended. 7:30pm, please!
  • The host’s name is Ben.
  • Please observe the “two something minimum.” Food/drink items start around $2. No one is turned away because of this, but we cannot exist without your support and will give you the evil eye if you don’t purchase something. Thanks!