Booking & Backline

BOOKING/STAGE: somersidewalker[at]gmail[dot]com

To be considered for booking, please email the above email address and include:

  • streaming links to your music (no attachments, please!)
  • the best days of the week & times for you to be booked, or any specifically requested dates
  • approximate local draw on weeknights vs. weekends
  • any local venues you’ve previously played

If you have questions about the open mic, click HERE first.

The Sidewalk is an ALL AGES venue.


– Full PA with 3 stage monitors
– Direct Input Boxes (4), Microphones (5 SM58s, 2 SM57s, 1 Sennheiser 609)
– Yamaha Upright Piano
– Ludwig Drum Kit: 1 kick drum, 1 floor tom, 1 rack tom, 1 snare drum
– Drum Hardware: 1 snare stand, 3 cymbal stands, 1 high hat stand (DW5000), 1 kick pedal, 1 drum throne
– Fender Blues Jr Guitar Amp
– Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amp
– Ampeg Combo Bass Amp

**You must let us know in advance if you’d like to use the drums or amps. Rolling them out last-minute is hell.**

Drummers will need to bring own cymbals and HH clutch. Our hi hat stand is a DW5000, which is a bit thicker than other stands, so make sure your clutch will fit! Snare and kick pedal recommended. For practical reasons, BANDS MUST USE OUR DRUM KIT unless we’ve agreed to alternate arrangements.

We can record your show at Sidewalk live to CD, professionally mixed for $30. We use a room mic, plus direct lines and mics on drums, amps, and vocals. If you’d like to take advantage of the service just let the sound engineer know when you arrive.

We currently have a projection screen that you may use with your projecting equipment.  There is a VGA cable run to the sound booth, so be aware you’ll need an adapter to use your laptop!