Canadian Monday

Posted on: June 26th, 2013 by Jon Berger No Comments

This Monday, 6/24 at the Sidewalk Open Stage, experienced a little bit of an invasion. A table of Canadians was in the room.

Normally, I have little truck with foreigners (defined as people who were not born and bred exclusively on Manhattan’s West Side), but Toronto’s like a NY suburb, right? And anyway, Alissa Vox Raw was kind of amazing.

She used a loop pedal (and a little help from some other Canadian), to pretty magnificent effect, primarily adding a chorus of voices to generate a joyful noise indeed. Instead of going weird or ephemeral, little miss Vox Raw harmonized girl group style with herself, building an astounding choir of her.

I liked it. The host did, too. “Looping,” he cried at the end of her two songs, “Looping that I like!”

We may never see Alyssa again, because, as I mentioned before, she’s kind of Canadian. But what a chance meeting that was…

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