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The second night of LachFest – in the Week of the Lach – on Wednesday, October 15, features some special acts – included a super secret guest – doing special shows, but the pieces de resistances (is that French? Could someone who knows Fresh validate that?) will be the Tribute section, where artists will devote themselves to playing songs written and performed originally, by Lach.

This isn’t unlike the I Heart You features that Ben Krieger had sporadically done, but this particular event will all be in tribute of one man, one Lach.

Afterwards will be the Folk Brothers, the original duo of AntiFolk All-Stars who bonded together to supergroup their way to fame and fortune (any day now).

The Folk Brothers were Kirk Kelly and Lach, doing some adrenaline-fueled covers, selected originals from their individual sets, and a couple of songs composed for the combo. It seems like it was the formation of the Folk Bros. that seemed to cement some of the concepts of AntiFolk. Their gig will be the first in this decade, at least.

Involved in the Tribute are acts as diverse as Jim Flynn, Bob Black and Tommy Volume. More, too, but those are the diverse ones.

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