At Last…

Posted on: October 30th, 2013 by Jon Berger No Comments

Wow! Why is this?The Bushwick Book Club has come to Manhattan!

Susan Hwang’s regular thing is crossing the pond into the real New York City, and not its perpetual home at Goodbye Blue Monday.

According to the website:

“Our next show is using My Lunches with Orson: Conversations between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles as inspiration for new songs.  Come hear what happens when brave songwriting minds collide with stories and conversations from this seminal filmmaker, artist and personality.  We may have to eat his favorite meal in honor of the night: 2 steaks cooked rare, 2 baked potatoes, a whole pineapple and a pint of scotch.”

Acts scheduled: Hilary Downes, Pierre De Gaillande, Julie DeLano, Susan Hwang, Mia Pixley, Ashley Coleman, Jason Perlman, Jonathan Vincent, Arden Rogow Bales, Sweet Sobrette, Jessie Kilguss, Casey Holford, spiritchild, Toby King.

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