A Perfect Day

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It was an impromptu Lou Reed night, what with the recent news. Ben Krieger had left on stage the collected lyrics of Lou, but the book was so big, so bulky, so filled with decades of songs, it would have been a difficult book to keep open by anyone but the singer.

No matter; those who knew the songs knew the songs.


The Emperor of Touching You started things out with his original “hit,” “Lou Reed’s Cock,” about his love affair from afar with Laurie Anderson.

Jeff Lewis cajoled the audience into calling Grey Revell for his birthday, then harangued us into respecting Lou Reed as a decidedly New York phenomenon (he seemed to diss Paul Simon and John Lennon) in the process, but I’ll let it slide). Then he pulled out “Sword of Damocles” and “Tell it to Your Heart,” and continued the evening, sketching folks in the corner.

Joe Yoga sang “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”

Jonathan Berger did a riveting rendition of “The Gift,” with Joe Reichel ably backing him on guitar.

No doubt other people did other things, but I was outside for a while. I heard a bit about Reichel’s recent trip all around America. Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime.

Krieger closed out the open stage with what material he could, including songs from the man and his band: “Dirty Blvd” and “Big Sky” from Reed’s solo catalog, “What Goes On” and “Sunday Morning” from the Velvet Underground, and some others. And then it had ended, much as other things have.


Lou Reed

March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013


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